Vegan Cake FAQs

What cakes are vegan?

The vegan chocolate cake is vegan.

Are vegan cakes healthy?

Vegan cakes typically contain sugar and chocolate. In moderation having a slice of vegan cake is fine. But too much is unhealthy as it is not considered a 'health food'.

Do vegan cakes taste good?

Looma's vegan cakes taste just as good as non-vegan cakes - often times, even better. You will never guess that our vegan cakes are in fact vegan!

Is vegan cake fattening?

Vegan cakes typically contain sugar/chocolate, so eating too much of it can be fattening. Just like non-vegan cakes.

What vegan desserts can you buy?

Looma's vegan desserts currently include the vegan chocolate cake.

Are vegan cakes also gluten free?

It depends on the recipe as vegan cake recipes vary. Looma's vegan cakes are gluten free.

Are vegan cakes lower in calories?

Not necessarily. It depends on the recipe, e.g. amount of sugar and chocolate used in the vegan cake.

Are vegan cakes eggless?

Yes, vegan cakes are eggless. No eggs, dairy butter or dairy milk are used in the recipe.

Are vegan cakes sugar free?

Typically not. Vegan cakes normally contain a high amount of sugar, just like other non-vegan cakes.

What are vegan cakes made of?

The ingredients used in Looma's vegan chocolate cake are almond meal, cocoa powder, baking powder, sugar, salt, coffee essence, water, vegetable oil, coconut cream, chocolate glaze, trimoline, dark chocolate and gluten free flour.

Are vegan cakes dairy free?

Yes, vegan cakes are dairy free - no butter, milk or eggs are included in a vegan cake recipe.