Vegan Cakes

Vegan Cakes Sydney

If you’re looking for eggless (egg-free), dairy-free, or gluten-free cakes, look no further. Try the best vegan cake shop in Australia — doing free delivery anywhere in Sydney—from Newtown, NSW, to Campbelltown, Penrith or even the Northern Beaches in Sydney. While we don’t have a wide range of vegan cake varieties, the two we have, Chocolate Cake and Carrot Cake, are very popular with our customers.

Why go with a vegan cake? Vegan cakes are an excellent choice for people looking for mouth-watering desserts that don't contain animal products and meet other special dietary requirements. No matter the occasion, whether you’re looking for sweet treats for your loved ones or next day delivery, Looma’s is your best vegan cake shop with lots of special offers.

Vegan Cakes Delivery in Sydney

We’ve got the best vegan cake varieties, including Chocolate and Carrot Cakes—perfect for treating your taste buds during any celebration, including birthdays, anniversaries and baby showers. Our delivery services run seven days a week and are free anywhere in Sydney.


(:1F343:) Do You Offer Vegan Cakes?

Yes, check out our vegan cakes here. They are very popular.

Are Your Products Dairy-Free?

Yes, our vegan cakes are dairy-free, so you don’t need to worry if you’re a vegan and don’t want to have anything made from animal products.

Are Your Cakes Eggless?

Yes, our vegan cakes are eggless but still mouth-watering.

Are Your Products Nut-Free?

No, our vegan cakes have almond nuts and walnuts. Feel free to check out both our choco vegan cake or the carrot vegan cake and see if they could be what you’re looking for. Alternatively, view our nut-free range for other options.

(:1f370:) Can I See a List of Ingredients in Your Vegan Cakes?

Yes, check out our very popular vegan choc cake and vegan carrot cake. Ingredients are listed in product description at bottom of page.

(:1f69a:) Does Looma's Really Deliver Cakes FREE Anywhere in Sydney?

Yes, we deliver our cakes to any suburb in Sydney free of charge as long as the default Anytime Delivery timeslot is selected (order will be delivered between 8am and 3.30pm). We also offer more specific delivery time-windows (delivery charge applies).

(:23F1:) What's the Order Cut Off Time for Next Day Delivery?

If you order by 9.30pm you can select next day delivery at checkout. We deliver free anywhere in Sydney.

(:1F4C5:) What Days Do You Deliver?

We deliver 7 days/week. All deliveries are done between 8am and 3.30pm.

(:1F4B0:) What is Minimum Order for Delivery?

Standard minimum order for delivery is $65 (some regional Sydney suburbs have a higher minimum).

On especially busy days min. order is $80 to cover staff overtime / penalty rates. These dates are:

  • Valentine's day
  • Easter long weekend
  • Mother's day weekend
  • Father's day weekend
  • Christmas day
  • Boxing day
  • Any other similar holiday / cultural celebration dates

(:1f370:) What's Your Most Popular Cake?

In vegan cake range, our most popular is the vegan chocolate cake.
For non-vegan, Ferrero Rocher cake is our most popular, followed by the Vanilla Raspberry cake and Chocolate Truffle cake.

(:1F4CF:) What Cake Sizes Can I Choose From?

We offer an 8-inch size which serves up to 14.

(:1F6C3:) Do You Offer Customised Cakes?

No. Our cakes are sold 'as is', i.e. as they appear on our website. We don't tailor products ordered to specific customer needs, e.g. Please leave off the strawberries.

(:1F4B3:) What Payment Options Do I Have?

We accept Mastercard, Visa and Amex. We don't charge any credit card fees.

(:1F468 1F3FD 200D 1F373:) Are Your Cakes Halal?

Yes, all our cakes are halal. We don't use any alcohol or non-halal gelatin in our cakes/sweets.

(:23F1:) How Long Do Your Cakes Last?

Our cakes/sweets are good for 5 days if refrigerated.