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Pre-Sliced Vegan Chocolate Cake (GF)

Chocolate vegan cake presliced Chocolate vegan cake presliced
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Vegan chocolate cake - egglessdairy free AND Gluten Free but you'll never guess, its that delicious.

Quick tip - Leave the cake out at room temperature for approx 1 hour - This would give you a nicer softer texture rather than straight from the fridge which can result in a firmer texture. 

8" size pre-cut into 10 generous slices. If more servings are needed slices can be sliced again to create 14-18 servings.
(comes in a white box sized 23cm long x 23cm wide x 7.62cm high)

Ingredients list
Almond Nuts and Almond meal
Cocoa powder
Baking powder
Coffee essence
Vegetable oil
Coconut cream
Chocolate glaze
Dark chocolate
Gluten free Flour

Strawberry Jam 


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